Friday, July 12, 2013


Remember the plane that crashed in San Francisco a little while back?

Well, during the subsequent mad scramble to report on the incident and in the continuing quest to beat out other networks for "scoops," Oakland Fox affiliate KTVU-TV thought they had something no one else did - the names of the pilots responsible for the crash.

Unfortunately, it was just someone playing a joke and the TV anchors were dumb enough to run with it. They claim that an NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigator in Washington confirmed the names, but let's get real. No. Way.

KTVU listed the names as:

Captain Sum Ting Wong (something wrong)
Wi Tu Lo (we too low)
Ho Lee Fuk (Holy Fuck)
Bang Ding Ow (Bang! Ding! Ow!)

The kicker? The news anchor READ THESE NAMES ALOUD and didn't think there was anything fishy about them.

Hat tip to Matthew Keys (@matthewkeyslive,  for pointing it out and documenting it for the rest of us.

Here's the video of it. For now anyway. Until it gets taken down because they probably feel like complete morons as they rightfully should.

And here's video of her kind of apologizing after a bunch of people probably called the station to say: "Are you serious? What's wrong with you morons? You couldn't see those were obviously fake names? How dumb can you be?"

*UPDATE* - Asiana Airlines is now suing the station because of this. They're suing because it was the made up names—not crashing into a wall while trying to land—that has left the reputation of the airline "badly damaged."

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