Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Sadly, the Half-Assed Reviews have been pretty much non-existent as of late. I still see movies and have more time to write about them, but I just don't. My little notebook of movies I've seen in the theater is almost full. I started it in 2003 and it seems fitting that it'll be full by the end of the year. 10 years of movies in one little notebook. I'll probably hold on to it for a lot longer than I actually need to because I tend to keep things like that for no reason.

But the good news is that you can keep up with some extra half-assed reviews by following my Letterboxd account. I spent most of the night last night cataloging everything I've seen in the theater so far in 2013 and writing quick reviews for all of them.

It's a pretty cool little site. There's no app, but it's optimized for mobile use and works pretty well. It's mostly a place where I talk about how badass The Rock is and give most of the movies three out of five stars.

So far, my highest rated movie of 2013 is MUD and my lowest is JACK THE GIANT SLAYER.

You could always use another social media site to share pointless info with, right? So let's be friends.

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