Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Let's talk a little bit about Tulip for a minute.

I met Mike Farfel years ago through punk rock and hardcore shows. I didn't know him much beyond being Gardner's friend and they both lived in Heber. Gardner and I got along really well, but being vegan kind of does that. You're always running into the same people at the same restaurants and such but I never really hung out with Mike.

He always seemed like a great guy, just quiet. He always supported the stuff I did whether it was promoting shows or putting out CD's (I did that for a bit). I never knew he was a writer until Gardner told me as I was putting together the first issue of Filler. I asked him to send something my way and he gave me an excerpt from a novel. I read it, thought it was a little weird but liked it all the same.

When it came time to do the Top 5 videos, he said he was interested and I jumped at the chance. That's where I learned that he'd actually finished the book he gave me the excerpt from and was shopping it around to publishers without much luck. It's really hard for a first-time author to get anything published these days and self-publishing a novel is pretty much frowned upon. He was eager to get it out there, so I asked him if I could read it.

He sent me the file and I read it in about three days.

We had talked briefly during the video thing and I told him if he hadn't found a publisher by May, I'd turn Old News Records into a publishing company and do a small run of Tulip. May rolled around, I got accepted to Craft Lake City and we hit the ground running on the book.

"Bogged down by the existential angst of the American Dream, Tulip has long since given up on any search for meaning—until a voice he's never heard sneaks into his head. The small miracles of life, paired with the new voice, sets him on a path of moral awakenings and trials by the Devil's hand. Through it all, Tulip seeks love, fights back hoards of entitled masses and finds a new hope and respect for humanity. At the same time, Tulip must decide if the voice in his head is real or if reality is just falling apart."

It's a fun read and it will make you think about a few things in your own life.

If you want to get a copy, it's available in my shop now. Buy it, read it, tell your friends about it and let us know what you think.

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