Thursday, November 7, 2013


Remember all those times I've tried my hand at podcasting without much success?

Okay, the GCAcast went a whole 12 episodes, but that's as close to any type of longevity I've had - and even those 12 episodes took well over a year.

Well, I'm back at it.

I'm sitting in on a football/soccer podcast centered around Manchester United.  It's called The Fucking Reserves, or as far as iTunes is concerned, The Reserves Football Podcast. We had to tone down the title (which I'm pretty sure they took from this clip) so they'd accept us and let us be a part of their podcast listings.

I don't pay much attention to soccer. Even last year when I had Real Salt Lake season tickets, I didn't pay much attention beyond what nights the games were so I could plan accordingly. Why I was asked to be part of this podcast still isn't quite clear. But I'm doing it. I don't have a lot of other things going on at the moment. And I like teasing these dudes when they get all riled up and start referring to a team in another country as "we."

Actually, that's probably why they asked me. I provide a smidgen of comic relief and an outsiders look into the English Premiere League. Sometimes it gets a little bit esoteric, so I'm there to step in and ask for an explanation every now and then. Now with a few episodes under our belt, we've kind of figured it out. I have my own little segment at the end called "The Afterglow" which is basically me recapping what I learned as a non-soccer fan over the course of an hour.

If you're at all interested in soccer, Manchester United, Real Salt Lake (we probably won't have much RSL to talk about after tonight, but...) or if you just like hearing my voice occasionally but never get to (You can always call, you know. You never call anymore.) check it out.

It's pretty much all over the place:
and Twitter

We're having fun, even though sometimes I feel a lot like Scott in the clip below.

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