Tuesday, January 14, 2014


If you're unaware, I'm slightly obsessed with title sequences and title cards. I talk about it kind of a lot (like here, here, here and here) and I'm not ashamed.

I can write just about anything, but I couldn't draw a straight line if I had a ruler. Drawing and design work is something I love, but I'm just not cut out for.

This link has been sitting in the "Don't Forget" bookmark of my browser since October of 2012. I totally forgot about it. Like I said before, 'timely' isn't something I pay much attention to in regards to this site.

It's an article from Creative Bloq where they get a few of their favorite designers to tell them why they love certain title sequences. A few of them are classics, like STAR WARS and VERTIGO and then there are a few new entries like SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD and ENTER THE VOID (which Kanye West used as an inspiration for his "All of the Lights" video.

It's definitely worth your time. Take a few minutes and read it now, or bookmark it and forget about it for a year or so. It's up to you.

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