Monday, May 12, 2014


A few weeks late, but I've heard a bunch of people say things like "better late than never" over the years, so here we are. That's not always true, by the way, because sometimes it just gets way more awkward if you try to pick up a thread after it's been on the ground for too long. Believe me, I know.

But whatever. This is my blog and I'll pick up threads for things that happened weeks ago without even skipping a beat. That's how we roll here.

And since that's the case, I'm going to give you the rundown of Salt Lake Comic Con: Fan Experience from a few weeks ago.

Last September, Salt Lake held its first Comic Con and it was a huge success. So much so, that they decided to do it twice this year. They called the first event something different, of course, but it was basically the same thing. Things got a little bit crowded at the Salt Palace Convention Center last time around, but that's mostly because no one knew what to expect so they only used half the available space. This time, they opened the entire thing and it was enormous.

The final numbers haven't been announced yet, but the rumor is that Fan X (what they're calling the April event) was the third largest comic convention in the country—right behind New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con. That's pretty damn impressive.

Like last fall, Casey, Spidey and I took a gamble on a booth to sell some of our unwanted comics and it worked out really well. We sold a whole bunch of stuff and immediately started making plans for the next event. This time around, we had things pretty well organized (well, Spidey and I did, anyway. Casey waited until the Saturday before the convention to even start, which meant we were helping him bag, board and sort his comics the whole weekend.) and ready to go. We rented a truck Wednesday afternoon and got everything loaded into the convention center that evening. It was a full three days this time (instead of two and a half), so we had to be there pretty early the next day to get everything set up and ready to go.

From the minute the doors opened we were busy. There were a bunch of people that had bought stuff from us last year that came back for more and were really excited to see us. That made us feel pretty good and the whole weekend went really well from start to finish.

It was really exhausting, but a lot of fun and I'm excited to get back to it this fall. I solidified our spot for Salt Lake Comic Con proper a couple of days ago, and now we just need to get an earlier start on getting things together. Luckily, Spidey let us store everything at his house so it's all in one spot and we can organize things a little easier.

We're also splitting a bigger space with Casey's toy store, The Tutoring Toy, so that we'll actually have enough room for all of our books. Now we've just got to start planning out how to make the most of the space we're getting.

If you're planning on attending Salt Lake Comic Con in September, buy your passes ASAP and come visit Grudge City Comics/Old News Records/The Tutoring Toy in booth 1701.

I promise to give better updates as we get closer to it. Probably. Well, maybe.

Oh, and that tank top in the photo below? Yeah, that's available if you want to buy it. Just head over to my store and grab it.

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