Monday, April 19, 2021


How is everyone's pandemic going? Still washing your hands until they're sore and disinfecting groceries with Clorox wipes? I sure am—and I've been fully vaccinated for like a month.

Side note: Everyone go get vaccinated. The only dreams I have anymore are of Bill Gates telling me to throw away my iPhone*, but I might be able to play a show and hang out with my friends in a shitty venue this year, so it's a fair trade.

Anyway. A new Milk Money single hit streaming services last week. We worked on it in bits and pieces over the winter, all through group text again. Dan drew inspiration from Sunny Day Real Estate and Obituary, I tried to inject a little Type O Negative, and it just came out sounding like something that AFI might have recorded during the "Sing the Sorrow" session. I finally got to use the little synthesizer I bought like three years ago after a Nine Inch Nails show, so I was pretty excited. Dan also wanted us to record group vocals for the chorus, which was kind of fun. Since five people crowded together in a room yelling into microphone at the same time is still a dicey thing to try, we all had to do it on our own. Drew went to the warehouse at his work, Byron waited until his wife took the kids for a drive, Dan just did it in his vocal booth/kitchen pantry, and neither his kids or wife even batted an eye, because he does that all the time. I waited until my next door neighbor was at work, and my downstairs neighbor left for the gym, then spent 10 minutes yelling at the voice memo app on the phone I hate now.

After all that, we sent it to Scott (the same guy who mixed Howl) and he had it back to us within a couple of days.

It was fun to do, and we've already started trading riffs and demos for what will eventually be Howl II, but I'm so ready to be back in a little room with my friends making noises in real life. We might only be a couple of months away from that, and I can't even tell you how excited I am about it.

Until then, listen to Black Rose wherever you listen to music, favorite it, add it to some playlists, share it with your friends who don't read an outdated blog written by a guy with nothing better to do, and I'll see everyone again next time I'm bored on a Monday night.

*This is 100% a joke, but if you think it's directed at you and your dumb anti-vaxxer conspiracies, it absolutely is, because you're an idiot.